I am a self explored Craftsman

About Saratoga Woodworks

Our recent name change from Saratoga Sash and Door reflects our decision to focus more on our furniture line. I have always enjoyed creating fine furniture and have been working on a line of craftsman inspired pieces. We source all our wood locally and truly believe some of our local Maple, Yew and Cherry rivals any exotic woods. The same quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship that was our standard in doors and windows can be expected in this Furniture line.

About Rodney WILSON

Rodney-wilsonBorn to Build… Rodney’s interest with building things began at an early age. Growing up in the 1960’s in rural Campbell River it started with fort building using what was available to us, mostly left over building scraps.

As a young adult I began working in the logging industry, developing a passion for the wonderful big trees that grow in this part of the world.

During those years the logging industry was always seasonal, giving me the opportunity to begin a hobby in woodworking that would grow into a life long passion. This passion would develop skills during construction of our first Timber frame home and continued with helping many friends finish their projects.

Design and skills constantly improved through experimentation, problem solving, production work and the large variety of projects that I have challenged myself with.

Along with this skill set I have nurtured the craftsman philosophy. Utilizing materials on hand, then crafting with respect for this valuable resource.

We create fine furniture, windows and doors that serve well, have timeless appeal and last for generations.

Our most recent home is located in the Miracle and Saratoga beach resort area between Courtenay and Campbell River surrounded with old growth Fir (my favourite) we designed and built a fine craftsman style bungalow, a large in house studio is contained discreetly with in.

Although it is very comfortable, there are ongoing projects that encompass a craftsman home, trim carpentry, built-ins, cabinetry and fine furniture. As with many homes it is a work in progress keeping us full of inspiration.