3 Door Sliding Track

Saratoga Woodworks recently completed a most challenging design / build slider door project.

It incorporated the use of a stainless steel track system, purchased from The Real Carriage Door Company. The project was to enclose an open beam hot tub space attached to their house.

The client’s residence is walk on waterfront, facing the prevailing south east storm wind and is aprox 50’ from the high tide line. The hot tub area is attached to the house with a post and beam glass roof. The challenge was to design a door system for protection in the foul weather that could also be open in fair weather. Saratoga Sash and Door designed three doors seven feet wide, the center door is fixed, the left door rolls over the outside the right door rolls over the inside, creating two walk thru openings when the center is stacked together.

The doors are crafted from reclaimed Old Growth Fir using traditional mortise and tenon joinery with floating solid wood panels. The glazing is 6’x 4’ 6mm laminated safety glass (wind can exceed 140 kph ). The doors are hung on the stainless box rail system with side mount brackets. The storm latch system utilizes a stainless marine draw latch that we adapted to a perpendicular application from the original in line application.

These latches are rated for 175 lbs each and there are 4 per door. When the doors are locked down with this system, they are drawn tight to rubber bumpers on the post. In the open position, the in and out are held tight to the track stop simply by hooking them together.While the project progressed, a local metal fabricator did the modifications required to the latch strikes. Our goals were good looks and ease of function.

The doors were installed and function well. Our customer was very happy with the finished project.