Custom wood windows

Beautifully designed and finished solid wood windows.

Custom designed and handcrafted wooden windows by Saratoga Woodworks will give your home it’s own unique character.

We bring together reclaimed old growth Douglas Fir, sourced in the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island, lifetime stainless steel hardware, state of the art glazing with traditional craftsmanship, to create a durable product with warmth and appeal.

Solid Wood Window Products Available:

  • Awning / Casement windows
  • Multi- lite / Picture windows
  • Rake / Angle windows
  • Heritage restoration windows
  • Heritage replication windows

Our Custom wood windows all feature:

  • 25 year guarantee on materials & workmanship
  • Eco friendly processes from start to finish
  • Dual concealed weather strip
  • Wide range of hardware selection
  • Pre-finished before assembly
  • Variety of coatings available
  • Industry glazing options
Saratoga Woodworks has built and submitted for testing a wood window of our own design to comply with CSA-A440-98 test standard and met all requirements.

Our wood windows are based on this design with the exception of heritage replication or other approved designs.

We offer complex muntin designs such as eyebrow and multi-lite with various sash arrangements to outfit an entire home with unified detail. Also one off applications such as rakes and angles or simple design what ever style suits your application. All lites are truly divided not simulated.

Standard feature include double weather strip, pre finishing 3 coats before assembly, stainless steel fasteners and hardware. Standard glazing has warm edge spacer bar, argon purge with 10 yr seal guarantee. Options may include matching fir screens, coatings, glazings, paint trim packages and hardware choices.