Wood Front Door with Side Lites

Our client required an exterior door that was in a similar style and wood as the rest of the property. The solid wood door was a custom design and also included a matching side wood door for the car port.

Following an initial design meeting at our client’s property, we discussed his need for the two doors, their location, materials and construction. Our client decided upon Fir as the wood stock and wanted something that would personalize the design. We discussed the use of copper or granite to provide a sill, and eventually decided upon some character old growth fir stock for the jam parts.

Once prepared, this old growth timber gave exactly the character and style our client wanted.

We sourced reclaimed old growth timber for the main door and using a combination of haunched mortise and tenon joints for strength and longevity, the doors and jams were constructed.

As a finish for the Fir, and to emphasis the natural grain in the wood door, three coats of finish were applied prior to the final assembly. A light bronze tint was added to the tempered side lites to provide a natural blend with the wood finish.

The finished front door was fitted with stainless steel hinges, a lock and double weather stripping. The custom wood door was delivered on time and on budget to our client’s site for installation.

#102 Solid wood craftsman style details
#102 Solid wood craftsman style details