Maple Wood Benches


  • Handcrafted Maple Benches with bevelled seat slats
    Mortise and Tenon rails and gables
  • Craftsman detail with Yew wood spline accent on gable ends
  • Perfect size for hall, entry, or foot of bed seat
  • 15″ W X 44’1 X 18″h for large size


15”w x 44”l x 18’h

#SWW1/1-12272016RTW Brown Maple
#SWW1/2-12272016RTW Brown Maple
#SWW1/2-12012016RTW Spalted Maple

This contemporary style Bench embellishes the Craftsman ideal. Quality woods mortise and tenon joinery and attention to detail that will endure for generations. The tapered seat slats ensure comfort for two, and give distinct lines. The Yew wood spline accent is our signature detail, and compliments our local big leaf western Maple. The Maple is available in plain light colour, plain brown colour, spalted and figured. This piece can also be made to order using other woods such as Cherry, Walnut and pacific Yew, to create custom pieces of personal preference. This Bench would suit a number of spaces, casual dining hallway or entry way seating, or at the foot of a bed. It can be handcrafted into matching pairs to accommodate 4 people.

The matching stool is a great accessory to the bench or as a stand alone piece, used for kitchen stool, foot stool, display base or plant stand .All the same details are included in this scaled down version of the bench. Like all our pieces the finish is water bourne polyurethane, (unless other wise noted )

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Bench and Stool, Spalted Maple Bench #SWW1/2, Brown Maple Bench #SWW1/1, Brown Maple Bench #SWW1/2