Triple Reflection Accent Mirror


 Approx. 20”w x 54”l

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 Approx. 20”w x 54”l


This large Horizontal Mirror is constructed in “The Craftsman Style” with  natural edge end styles. A substantial piece hand crafted with 11/2” thick solid Maple. The natural edges are let into the frame with an open bridle joint. Complimenting these wavey Maple end stiles are burley Maple mid stiles. These mid stiles are connected to the frame rails with the same joinery techniques used in our window muntins. A subtle inside bevel on the Maple compliments the bevel on the mirrors. Pillowed Yew Wood plugs add the finishing touch.

Designed into the mirror frame is a sliding dovetail cleat system that ensures a secure attachment to the wall and allows for lateral adjustments within given anchor points.

This Mirror can be placed in a large room setting, entry way, or mantel. It can also enlarge a small space becoming a design focal point.